Are you Loving your hair the right way?

Are you Loving your hair the right way?

Ladies time for some info on how to keep those curls bouncing and luxurious before and after that bomb install. There’s a list of Do’s and DONT'S for my curly girls.

DO: shampoo, condition and deep condition before and after your braid down.

DON'T: Get a relaxer, relaxer causes a lot of sensitivity which can be damaging (if you do decide to do so give a week to bounce back) DO: Preferably have freshly trimmed ends. That will promote healthy hair growth while your hair is tucked away.

DO: MY NATURAL LADIES‼️, blow out your hair with a blow dryer and denman brush/ comb attachment. You can even put your detangled locs into Bantu knots the night before to stretch it.
DON'T: have too tight braids it’s crucial to protect against hair loss.

DO: moisturize your scalp!!! This is extremely crucial before, during and after your style. •

Any more tips and tricks you wanna know from us, let’s us know below!! Protect your crown ladies