Chebe Rose Infused growth oil

Chebe Rose infused growth oil

Before & After : 3 weeks

Before & After : 2 months

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Our Story

 Ms. Mikayla S. Jones decided that she wanted to be much more than a self taught stylist. She had an indescribable passion for hair. Educating herself on techniques, textures, products and the list goes on. She came to the realization that she wanted to share her knowledge, her love, and her drive with the world. So the process began! Debating between logos, colors, slogans; none met the standards she had. Until one day she sat and thought about future customers and what she wanted them to feel from her brand. She wanted them to see her and immediately see her empire. Wanted a representation of elegance, to evoke professionalism and show sophistication. Having that being said, the word Doyenne pop into her head. A word she learned back in school that represents a woman who is most respected or prominent in a particular field/ career choice. Something that she is determined to be in the hair industry as well as what she wants her dolls to drive to be in the career of their choosing. Now, Tresses came afterward because she wanted something that flows effortlessly off of the tongue. You know gives off the luxurious feel. With all the sleepless nights, tears, mental exhaustion and dedication she pushed through for her vision to come to life. May 4th, 2020 Doyenne Tresses, LLC was born. Let the slaying begin!! 


I really love my hair + the custom color is to die for! Mine smelled amazing when I received and it fit perfectly with or without the added band. The band allowed me to not have to glue it down which is PERFECT for someone like me that loves to switch up my hair. Can’t wait to purchase again 😍 

Nuriya M (Custom Unit raw hair)

I absolutely LOVE my raw hair. It's super soft and easy to style. It holds waves and curls for days. Doesn't get tangled easily! It's PERFECT! 

Kasi (Sew-In)

Hey, So its been about 2 maybe 3 weeks. I can already tell a difference in the texture of my hair. Its much softer. I like the fact that when i use it, it doesnt give me that greasy look or weigh my hair down. Its just the right amount of shine. And of course you know i love the smell. I'm excited to see where ill be in about a month. I'll need two more at the end of the month!

Anonymous ( Chebe Rose infused growth oil)

My custom unit was beyond bomb! The fit was perfect and i loved the fact that it was a glue-less unit. The hair was so soft and flowing. Also takes to bleach great!

Ariana (Custom unit virgin hair)

I just used the growth oil for the first time and it smells great I massaged my scalpand now its like a tingling sensation but its also relaxing

Chebe Rose Infused Growth Oil Review